We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Forum in 2025

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Forum in 2025! Meanwhile 2024 will be spent working diligently on crafting a fresh vision for the future allowing us to strengthen our position and engagement with our community as well as new stakeholders. In this very early stage of the Forum being an independent public Foundation, we believe that there’s an opportunity to reassess and enhance the forum’s impact and quality, ensuring that it continues to be a meaningful and engaging experience for everyone involved.

We are excited about this period of strategic planning and we, as well as our partners, are already looking forward to returning in 2025 with new ideas and program curation for the next edition. Our community is valuable to us and we encourage you to stay tuned for forthcoming news and updates regarding the 2024-2025 agendas.

Thank you for taking part in our initiative and please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions, feedback, or ideas. Your involvement and feedback are always welcome.

In the meantime, remind yourself of the highlights from our previous Forums on our website as well as on our Youtube channel.

Global Investment Foundation

The Global Investment Foundation was launched in Geneva in November 2022 with the mission of encouraging innovative developments in the private investments sector and reinforcing Geneva’s position as an investment banking hub.

The annual Global Investment Forum, launched as a stand alone event in 2015, brings together leaders, thinkers, entrepreneurs to discuss the future of investments as well as global challenges & opportunities.

Past speakers of the Forum have included former U.S. Presidential candidate John Kerry, former French President François Hollande, former Vice-President of the European Commission Viviane Reding, Carlyle Group Co-Founders David Rubenstein and William E. Conway Jr., Solar Impulse Chaiman Bertrand Piccard, Colombian politician and activist Ingrid Betancourt, Uber Co-Founder Garrett Camp, France’s former Minister of Foreign Affairs Dominique de Villepin, Economic and Social theorist Jeremy Rifkin, Greece’s former Minister of Finance Yanis Varoufakis, Checkout Founder and CEO Guillaume Pousaz, Global Ventures Managing Partner Noor Sweid, Index Ventures Founding Partner Neil Rimer, Lime CEO Wayne Ting.

We foster a community of private investors, financial institutions, entrepreneurs, politicians, international organisations, and academia, committed to improving the state of the world by accelerating the transition to a sustainable economy through impact driven allocation of assets.

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