Fiona Frick (Unigestion) at the 2022 Global Investment Forum

Fiona Frick is Chief Executive Officer of Unigestion and has more than 30 years’ experience in the asset management industry. Interviewed by journalist Tanya Beckett, she discussed ESG, impact and investment trends.

Frick is a frequent commentator on financial markets for Bloomberg TV and CNBC and is a regular speaker at conferences such as FT Climate Capital Live, the Milken conference, Fund Forum and the Investment Week Sustainable Investment Festival. She also gives lectures at universities such as IMD Business School, Imperial College London and Oxford around the evolution of asset management and the impact of sustainability.

She serves on the boards of Swiss Sustainable Finance and Sustainable Finance Geneva and is also a member of the EMEA committee of the Standards Board for Alternative Investments. Fiona has been recognised by the financial industry on numerous occasions as one of the most influential women in European finance.